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Valuation Tip #3

Why Do a Business Valuation

Completing a Business Valuation Even If You Are Not Selling

Although you may not be interested in selling your business at this time, you should consider completing a business valuation. There are other reasons why an independent valuation of your business can be important:

for Lending Purposes:
you may need a business loan or credit line. Many lenders require an independent valuation of your company
for Getting Bigger:
the valuation report can help you plan for a merger, acquisition, or stock offering
for Employees:
establishing and setting up employee stock ownership plans (ESOP)
for Family Protection:
provide information about your estate or ownership succession plan
for Settlement Claims:
determine asset/liability values for divorce or insurance settlements
for YOU:
simply for wanting to know the worth of your company so that you can plan your exit plan for the near or far future.

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