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  • Question: What is Your Business Worth?

    If a stranger were to walk into your business with a blank check, what price could you get that can be justified by the value of the business?

  • There are 3 Valuations that Can be Done

    1) a simple assessment of current market value 2) a more limited score with multiple parameters and 3) a more comprehensive report for stock offerings, dissolution, estate planning and more.

  • The Valuation Can Help Plan Your Exit Strategy

    The valuation is the base number that you can work with to plan your exit strategy. Your objective is to get the maximum value for your business.

Valuation Services

we offer three types of valuations

1: Market Assessment

Provides an approximate indication of value based upon the performance of the net cash position of the company. The valuer will only consider limited market information to derive an approximate market value based on current listings of similar-type companies.

This type of report is complimentary at no cost or obligation. It is a good starting point when designing your business exit scope and planning.

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2: Limited Scope

Provides a fair market value opinion. It is a more extensive analysis: Asset, Income and Market Approaches are considered. Market methods are based on generic group multipliers. Discounted Future Cash Flows and Discounted Future Earnings methods may be available.

This is the most common report to support a business sale and the results are often used to support the pre-approval of a business for Commercial financing.

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3: Comprehensive Report

Provides an extensive analysis. All valuation methods are applied as applicable. Comparable sales transactions and multipliers for the market methods are very specific to the Company's business. Public company comparisons are available and used when needed.

This report is highly supported in estate planning, ESOP plans, company dissolution, family succession, and some arbitrary litigation.

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Quick Calculation

3-yr Cash Flow Assessment

Quick Calculation

Asset-Cash Position Valuation

  • How to price your company

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  • The value of a company can be perceived differently depending on the type of buyer

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  • Why should you do a business valuation even if you are not selling your business?

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  • Calculate an estimated company valuation using two valuation parameters

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  • What does the business evaluation look like?

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  • What the buyer sees when pricing a company

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  • What lenders like to see when valuating a company

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  • Why use a 3rd party valuation?

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We have a combined 25+ year experience in business valuations and exit planning. Every business owner will eventually exit - whether soon or in the near future. The first task in any exit is placing a value on your company. The value becomes a base number to plan the fundamentals to maximize your exit financial objectives. We have the expertise, tools, and network to make this happen.

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So give us a call regarding a business valuation. We guarantee that you will be pleased with the report and our exit planning services.

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Executive Director, Novars Group, Inc

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